Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not just another day

About the end of the month of March this year, I learned of a thru hiker starting out in North Dakota on the NCT and heading east to New York. I learned of his web page journals and started to follow them daily. I knew that he would be coming through Kingsley mid June. I had an idea.Wouldn't it be nice if I could hike a few miles with him, or better yet hike a few miles with him and have dinner with him and put him up for the night? It took no more than a quick e-mail to an address that I wasn't really sure he was keeping track of. I left him all the neccessary info and hoped that when he got close he would call. The thought of him coming to this area went in and out of my head so many times I couldn't even begin to count. It was four weeks since I had e-mailed him, that he called. It was a Wednesday eve., 6:05 pm. I must have turned white. He said this is the Nomad and explained if the offer was still on he would be coming through our area in about two weeks. I was now a basket case. I called my wife in and told her and the next two weeks were a blur. I suddenly had all these things I had to get done.

I knew that trail days was coming up and wanted to be there. Our local celebration was at Guernsey Lake Campground for a ribbon cutting ceremony. I had learned that the Nomad was going to be part of it. My two boys and I went out to that area and hiked before the crowd gathered and then left mid way through the celebration. Too much hoopla for me. I did'nt even get to meet the Nomad. So home we came. I was at this point besides myself not knowing when or if he would even call. I did not know the exact day he would be calling. So I just told myself if it happens it happens. Went to bed Saturday June 6th. Got up Sunday June 7th, phone rang at 8:02 a.m. Never guess who it was. The rest of this story will have to be written in another post, because it is quite a story. Let me give you a hint... There is Life before Nomad, and Life after Nomad.....

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