Monday, September 24, 2007

Townline Rd. Trailhead

We started at the Townline Rd. trailhead and hiked south along the Manistee River towards 131 campground. As you start the hike at the river, quickly the trail heads into the woods and away from the river for a few minutes. After joining back along the river the trail winds through quite a thick and mature cedar forest. We did encounter two campsites and both had atv's, but neither had bothered the trail. About twenty to thirty minutes into the hike, we came across a bench that overlooks the Manistee for a nice rest. From that point on we hiked away from the river and about an hour and fifteen minutes from our starting point we turned back and hiked back. We stopped at the top of quite a ravine or gulley.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Highbanks Rollaways

The NCT hike from Baxter Bridge to the Highbanks Rollaways was a nice hike. Mostly through very nice sections of woods, with some very rewarding views above the Manistee River. The hike takes you up and down a few moderate hills and is a nice workout. Nothing too strenuous though. This trail puts you right in with nature. It sometimes is dark and very green, and other times you walk through years of fallen leaves that almost act as a carpet across the forest floor.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

North Country Trail

Hiking from Scharmen Road south on the NCT towards Mayfield Road, this hike certainly has some very nice trees and some nice water features. There is a beaver dam just above a camping spot along the creek. It is mostly a flat and gentle hike with a few hills and a steep switchback. The trees in the Valley of the Giants section are just amazing. I stood below them in awe. This trail is very well maintained, noting a new bridge built over a soft area in the trail. The campsite is accessible by crossing the creek on a fallen tree. The trail follows the creek just long enough. There is a bench to stop and rest along the creek, while listening to the birds. Very nice hike.